Art Conservation and Restoration

Restored painting

We deliver the highest standard of conservation and restoration services across a wide range of mediums, including art and frame restoration, gilding, and paper conservation.

Conservation ensures the long-term maintenance and preservation of original art and valuable artifacts from future damage and deterioration. While restoration repairs or renovates artwork that has been adversely affected by neglect, damage, or, most commonly, the inevitable decay caused by time and harmful environmental conditions such as dust, smoke, and light – returning the piece to something approaching its original, undamaged appearance.

Often, the colors of older paintings have a brown or yellow tint caused by an organic varnish that has yellowed over time. Tints such as these can become so cloudy that the true colors or the depth of the background is invisible. If the original paint has chipped or cracked, a good restorer or conservator should be as talented as the original artist so that the treatment doesn’t overwhelm the original art. Our process eliminates this damage, brightening colors and restoring depth and life to the artwork.

The techniques and methods of art conservation and restoration go hand in hand. Our conservation practice adheres to the principle of reversibility, which dictates that treatments should not permanently alter the work of art.

Our restoration process begins with a careful examination to determine the nature of and the methodology used in creating the piece, as well as the causes of its deterioration or damage. We carefully document the condition of the art before, during, and after treatment, and outline the treatment methods and materials used.

During restoration, we use preventive conservation techniques, such as the application of removable UV varnish that protects the painting from dust, ultraviolet rays and other environmental elements.

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